CAPA Management with QualiPro

CAPA Management with QualiPro

Having a good CAPA management system is a key element in making sure your CAPA process is successful. QualiPro has the functionality to manage the entire CAPA process – even those CAPAs that originate in other systems.

A request can be submitted from multiple modules which go directly to the CAPA coordinator for approval. If the CAPA coordinator approves the request, it then becomes a CAPA using all the information in the request form. Once the CAPA has been initiated and assigned to an owner, they can still edit any information populated via the request form.

As the CAPA progresses through each phase, approvers are selected from a pre-determined list. The notification stays on their dashboard until they approve or reject the phase.

Another feature of the QualiPro CAPA module is the achievement and effectiveness rate status bars. These status bars are in the upper right-hand corner of the module to serve as a visual key of where and how successful the CAPA is currently.

QualiPro is an easy way to manage the CAPA process. It can be customized to specific needs and the relationships between other modules save time and energy. This also allows the capability to go paperless as everything can be completely maintained in the module. For more information about the CAPA module, visit:


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